Solar Fountains

Solar Powered Fountains
with a Frog on a Lily Pad

The most compact of solar fountains

One of the cutest of garden fountains
15" double plume *
A solar fountain with a 10 inch diameter does not fit well in a typical birdbath. 6 inches is much better.6" diameter
To fit a birdbath a solar powered fountain has got to be really shallow. This solar fountain is. It pumps down to about a half inch of water.1" depth
Self contained unit - Yes
Rotates - Yes
No wires attachedFree floating - Yes
A plus when used in garden pondsAlgae-free copper strainer - Yes
Portable - Yes
How it was originally invented and now is producedMade in America - Yes
News paper clipping and customer commentsCustomer satisfaction - Good
Solar cells in fountain - Yes
Exterior solar panel - No
Installation required - No
Batteries - No

Price $140

Fits birdbaths, pools, and garden or backyard ponds.

Sun energy at any particular time.Plunk it in on a clear sunny day and away it goes.

* Fountain height as measured in the middle of a clear sunny day, April through September in the Northern hemisphere, places such as United States, Europe, the former USSR, or China. October through March in places like Africa, Australia and South America. See why here.

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This cute rotating fountain with a 15-inch plume* is for birdbaths and gardens. It looks like a frog on a lily pad, 1/4" thick, 6" wide. It is designed thin and shallow for birdbaths. But, it is also used in pools and ponds. Movement and rotation gives it an added dimension, and excites birds. The falling water makes a nice tinkle sound. Kids wave their hands over it, to cast a shadow. One young lady described it as "dumb entertainment." Denise Mickilowski sculpted the frog specifically for this solar fountain. She restored art for Julius Lowy Company, of New York City. Most solar fountains are rather bulky. Of the free-floating solar fountains, this is the most compact, with a water height of 2.5 times the diameter of the lily pad. Weighs less than a pound.

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